The House on Penny Lane

Ok, we don’t really live on a street called Penny Lane. But this is the internet, and we’re paranoid enough to change the name of our street. But it is a house, that much is true.

We started this blog so everyone can follow our trials as first time homebuyers. We found the perfect house in the perfect location for an almost perfect price. And we went through a less than perfect buying process to get it 🙂 And now that we’re finally in here, there are plenty of changes we’d like to make.

Our house is contemporary, but everything on the inside is country. So over the next few months (probably between 15 and 130), we’ll be adding our own touch to everything, from the floors to the electrical plates.


4 Comments to “The House on Penny Lane”

  1. This is so great. You guys are so great. I’m hooked.

    When you’re taking a shower and look up to see wallpaper above your head, does it sorta make you dizzy?

  2. Thankfully we don’t use that shower, even though it’s in a much roomier bathroom. When it comes to that bathroom, I really try to get in, get it done, and get out.

  3. Can’t wait to follow your progress!

  4. Hey you guys so fun to follow you with the house. Thanks for taking the time to do the blog.

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