Oh, that’s inspiring.

When we were looking for a house, we wanted to find something that inspired us. We were extremely lucky in that we only looked at 3 houses before we found the one.

Either that, or we’re just easily inspired. Actually, I think Taylor is very easily inspired. I love watching the Kohler sink faucet commercial with her, where the couple asks a designer to base his kitchen design around just the faucet, and he has a look on his face like, “wow, what an absolutely bizarre request! I have never come across anything so strange in my entire career! This will surely stretch the limits of my skills, and will require all of my cunning to solve!” And Taylor will say, “That’s pretty much what being an interior designer is…” And I’ll think “Take that, Kohler.”

Before the seller had even moved out, Taylor was already inspired. She knew what she wanted to do with every room after our third time viewing the house. So just to give you an idea of what we’re aiming for in all of our renovations, here are a few pictures Taylor’s been inspired by. (The pictures are from Apartment Therapy.)


Replacing all of the carpet with wood floors is one of the biggest (read: most expensive, and therefore most long term) renovations we’ll be taking on. If our hallway ends up anything like this, my OCD will kick in and I will never, ever step on the wood floor itself. One foot placed perfectly in the center of each circle per step, which will make for some very long strides to the bathroom.


Moving our house from Oklahoma City to a mountain view is another very large undertaking. Since it probably won’t ever happen, Taylor is using this photo as more of a color concept. White and brown will be the primary colors used throughout the house. And I’ll be craving Oreos more often.


This is Taylor’s inspiration for the teenager’s room. Again, a very large undertaking, and far into the future :-). I love this look so much that if I was still a teenager, I’d want Taylor to be my m… hm, nevermind.


5 Responses to “Oh, that’s inspiring.”

  1. To think this is the girl whose room once looked like the Pompeii location of Toys’R’Us. But I am proud of her, for sure.

  2. Like Taylor, I’m never short on inspiration; unlike Taylor, I’m never long on execution. I’m confident she’ll have the new place looking great in no time.

    These are cool concepts, and of course I love the wood flooring idea. Maybe I can sell Elizabeth on the one tv for each bed occupant concept. I’d never be forced to watch network tv melodrama or Discovery Health anymore! Might need to invest in a better set of headphones though.

  3. Your blog makes me smile–I’m looking forward to checking in regularly. Congrats on your new home!


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