This is what we mean by country.

Here’s a quick example of what we mean by country. This is the wallpaper and shower curtains in the guest bathroom.


(Apparently the shower curtain in here is going to be one of the first thing’s to go, since it came crashing down about four minutes ago after we tried hanging some clothes off of it to dry.)

A collection of hat boxes and Sunday-best purses is not exactly what we would have chosen, but there are some things to like about the room. For instance, there’s a lot of storage space, which Taylor likes. And I like the lights, because when they’re off you can’t see the wallpaper so much.

And here’s a view from inside the shower…


Yeah, it’s wallpaper on the shower ceiling. Don’t be jealous just because you didn’t think of it first.


3 Responses to “This is what we mean by country.”

  1. The wallpaper seems older than the house. Maybe the wallpaper was there first and the house was built up around it.

  2. That whole look is just…precious! Are you really sure you want to change it? 🙂


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