There’s something behind the bed.

I pulled up the curtains behind my bedside table last night for the first time, and I found this creepy little doozy:


Between seeing this psychedelic sun and having the entire “Abbey Road” album in my head, I fully expected to look up at Taylor and find that her head had been replaced with that of a walrus.

This sticker must have been part of the original structural plan of the house, too, cuz it ain’t comin’ off.


3 Comments to “There’s something behind the bed.”

  1. I remember those stickers when I was little (in the 70’s), I think they were from Tupperware, I could be wrong though. My mom use to have a lot of Tupperware parties at her house. I use to play with these and stick them all over the house LOL

  2. JJ –
    So it was YOU?!


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