By the way…

Nothing new recently because we’re trying to decide what project to tackle first. Taylor has a ‘uge test coming up at the beginning of October, and really doesn’t want to get involved with a project until it’s over. But after that we’ll most likely paint the outside of the house. And probably replace some trim at the same time. And immediately after that get gutters installed. So consider this lull in posts the calm before the storm.

In the mean time, here’s me after purchasing our mower.


The look on my face is me realizing that this box is much heavier than I realized, and there’s no way I can move it without looking the fool. Contrary to what my lack of biceps may have you believe, I am especially good at expectorating. Ptooey! Ten points for Gaston!


One Comment to “By the way…”

  1. Yeah, I get that same look, usually a split second after hearing a strange noise from inside my body, very much like that Saturday-morning cartoon sound effect. SPROINGGGGGG!

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