Cat Proofing Round 2

Taylor’s had this crazy idea for keeping the cats off of the kitchen counters. I didn’t fully understand how it was supposed to work at first, but after seeing it in action tonight… I’m impressed.

Forgive the blurriness during the high octane moments. My lens isn’t the best for following frenetically frantic felines.

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6 Responses to “Cat Proofing Round 2”

  1. Not really funny………….quite cruel really……….having four cats its nigh on impossible to keep cats from climbing – it’s their nature. If any of ours jumps up on the work surface I just lift him/her down – they do it again – I do it again…..they soon get the message.

    • Cats are known for being very difficult to train, but we believe it still needs to be done. Just as you would house train a dog, we are attempting to train our cats to stay off this one particular counter. They have plenty of other places to climb. We just need to show them which areas they shouldn’t.

      I can tell you that I was reluctant to leave up the cans while no one was home, as I was worried they may become entangled. At first, we only left the cans up while we were home. After a couple of weeks, because I could trust the cats to avoid the cans, we left them up 24/7. We have since taken them down and I have seen a significant improvement in the cats. They now know the counter is off limits, and if they jump up on it, all we have to do is snap our fingers and they jump off. It was worth while for me.

  2. Accept your point and don’t want to seem negative but cats just cannot be “trained” in the same way dogs can…there is a saying that humans never actually own a cat, a cat owns them. At least they learned, albeit the hard way. I also hate people who de-claw cats – it’s totally illegal in our country and rightly so as a cat cannot defend itself if cornered by another animal………..however I’m now on my soap box LOL – sorry about that.

  3. Hmmm, although rather frightening to the cat, I could see this as pretty fast training.

    From a behavioral P.O.V. it’s much easier to learn a fear response than to learn from praise and punsihment (which is the more recommended way with dogs), but with cats they typically could care less about this method.

    Right now we are trying the “squirt gun” method with our kitten, Skip, and althought i’ve heard it works wonders, I swear half the time she LIKES getting squirted! My boyfriend wants to resort to getting her claws removed, but I know the truth about de-clawing involves the removal of what is equivalent to the top joint of our finger. So, for now I think the plan is to get her spayed and then start letting her spend more time outdoors to release a little more energy so there is less of her “spider-cat” impressions.

    By the way, did this method work?

    • Caitlin,
      We used the squirt gun method on Polly when she was younger. It worked wonders. So much so that years later, she still fears the sight and sound of a squirt gun, even if it’s only me watering my plants. Jin, however, never even realized we were squirting him. I think it was because of his long, thick coat. We use canned air instead. I don’t even have to point it at him (nor would I), he’s just so frightened of the sound it makes.

      The stringed can method worked, in a way. We stopped putting the cans up after a few weeks, first because we thought they might have learned to stay off of it, and second because we kept having people come over and stare at the many soup and soda cans all over our counters. The cats still get up on the counters, but the difference is now they know they’re not supposed to be up there. If they realize that we see them up there, they jump off immediately. It’s an improvement, I suppose.

      At this point, I’m wondering if potty-training them might be ideal. The reason why I don’t like them up on the counter is because of the litter box situation. If I could potty-train them, that wouldn’t be an issue. But that’s a whole ‘nother bag of worms.


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