Let the great experiment begin!

That title has nothing to do with this blog post. Just a funny scene from Arrested Development that was running through my head.

We’re preparing for the Gutter Guy. Turns out that without gutters, a veritable puddle of water forms right outside of our bedroom window. A puddle! It’s actually pretty bad, especially when water continues to pour into said puddle, making our bedroom feel like the Rainforest Cafe: it’s kinda like being out in nature, but more annoying.

So to get ready for the Gutter Guy, we’ve been painting all of the trim that will be covered.


That’s just the primer, I’ll post pictures of the actual paint later. I can tell you, however, that it’s a very dark brownish type color. Not blue, like I had told a few people incorrectly, which led me to realize that I don’t actually listen to Taylor when she tells me things about the house. It just goes right over my head for some reason, like a waiter trying to tell me the specials at Rainforest Cafe: I know what you’re trying to tell me, but I can’t comprehend it because I swear that elephant is about to steal my coke.


Also, I never realized this before we started painting, but there is a lot of trim on the average house. It’s like the Rainforest Cafe: Just when you think you’ve reached the end of the menu, you flip it over and there’s a ton more to choose from. Or maybe I just flipped it back to the beginning.


One Comment to “Let the great experiment begin!”

  1. You’re pretty lucky. Most husbands get nagged into actually replacing the gutters. You just had to blog about it. (Just kidding, Taylor.)

    I kinda like this new virtual world.

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