Gee, thanks Mr. Edison…

The days are getting shorter. The wind is turning colder. And yet we soldier on.

Yes, thanks to the wonderful advent of shop lights, there is no limit to our painting power! We’re in a mad rush to get the front of the house painted by Thanksgiving (save the occasional break for Taylor’s pilates sessions), and by the time both of us get home, its sunset. And by the time the cats are fed and our clothes are changed, its dusk. And by the time our paint cups are filled, its twilight. By the time I’m up on the ladder, its nightfall. So we borrowed some lights to provide a pseudo-sun, and our neighbors loaned us a heater to keep it just warm enough to actually paint… which is around 40 degrees.

The heater exchange conversation happened as I was setting up the shop lights, and went something like this:

Neighbor: You got a heater over there?

Me: Those are just shop lights, so we can paint a little longer.

Neighbor: I know those are lights. I asked if you had a heater.

Conversation aced. We’ve got less than a week to go, and we haven’t even started on areas that can only be reached by the roof. So we’re feeling the pressure. Our neighbors also offered their extension ladder, which I’ll let Taylor ask for. Otherwise the conversation would probably go something like:

Neighbor: You got a ladder over there?

Me: Oh, no, that’s a mailbox. We got it so the mailman knows where to put the mail.

Neighbor: I know what a mailbox is.


2 Comments to “Gee, thanks Mr. Edison…”

  1. It’s a true testament to your incomparable originality (or from your neighbor’s perspective, your question-begging obtuseness) that the best “possibly related posts” they could muster were:

    First baby in the Viral Waistcoat
    Worst Sports Column of All-Time
    The real Borat

  2. Nice to know you have helpful neighbors. Not necessarily great conversationalists, but helpful.

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