Rob Takes a Night Off…

Disappointed with the lack of regular blog posts, I asked Rob to step up his game a bit.  I created a schedule highlighting the times when Rob could be updating the blog and showed it to him.  I’m kidding, of course.  I thought it was only fair to write some of the posts, myself, seeing as how Rob has put so much energy into things he normally wouldn’t care about.  Things like straight paint lines and screwless switch covers.

Fortunately, I have some pretty exciting things to post about.  Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with that, the stress of completing some projects I had commited to.  First was the all important Thanksgiving Day Tablescape.  With the help of some lovely ladies out in cyber-space, I came up with the idea of painting a collection of gourds and pumpkins and using them for place settings and centerpieces.  My goal was to spend as little as possible considering our new house payment.  I think it came out well.

Of course, we still have the on-going project of exterior painting, and while it has progressed since the last post, I won’t bore you with the pictures.  We’ll leave those for the BIG reveal.

We also reached our goal of “finished for now” on our guest bathroom project.  With the help of my brother- Roman, friend- Heather and several other friends from church (who appeared here), we were able to tear down the old wall paper, texture, and paint our Sunday’s Best bathroom.  We used an orange peel spray texture and painted the walls Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray in satin.  We also applied a privacy film to the window.  I like it so much that it changed my paint plans for the rest of the house.

The cats seem to like it, too.


8 Responses to “Rob Takes a Night Off…”

  1. The pictures don’t do it justice — it came out a very calm and soothing color (nice in a bathroom) that belies its oddly-patterned history. You guys did a beautiful job!

  2. Love the tablescape. You’ve wrestled with the long-standing traditional canon of scarecrow, hay-bale, husky dried-corn and orange pumpkin iconography and managed both to pay it due tribute and transcend it. Impressive. 🙂 I really am serious; you’ve achieved a modern, stylish elegance in a cliched, countrified genre. I love the gourds especially. Painted white, their form takes on a great Willy Wonka-esque, Dr. Seussy, surrealist umbrella vibe. Two thumbs up!

  3. I agree with your mom and Mark. Not that any of us are surprised at your design skills.

    I’m also pleased with your English grammar and blog-posting skills. Since you have no nun-chuk skills.

    And the painted gourds are a really great idea. Somehow I always felt a little cheated or set up by artificial fruit, like, “Nyah hah! You thought we were real! No fruit for you!”

  4. Your tablescape was too cute- simple, yet classy :). I’m also loving that grey in the bathroom; I just finished doing all of my walls in shades of grey and love them!

  5. Omg, your grey cat looks JUST like a grown up version of my little Skipperdoodle! Cute blog, I found it through Young House Love, keep up the good work!


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