Don’t Forget to Hang Up Your Sock…

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of this year’s decorations and crafts.  This has certainly been a make-do-with-what-ya-got season for us, so when I couldn’t buy, I made; and when I couldn’t make, I worked with what I already had.

For instance, after my first gift wrapping session, I realized I was out of bows.  I suppose I wasn’t really out of bows.  Just out of bows that I would be willing to use.  The left-overs were a mixture of red and silver striped and lime green and silver striped bows that I just wasn’t fond of.  Instead of going out and buying another $5 bag of 70% useable bows, I decided to use a tutorial to make my own.

Then, when a holiday office decorating contest was announced, I decided to spend some time, rather than money to decorate. I used two different tutorials to create ornaments and swirls to hang from the beams in my office.

I tied for second place, by the way, and won a $25 gift card to Target, which I promptly spent in preparation for a visit from my dad and step-mom.

Our Christmas decor colors are bronze, red and silver/white, which lends well to both a modern and rustic (read: modern with warmth) interior.  Our ornaments are a mixture of store bought bulbs, traditional gift ornaments from my mom, and those purchased on our annual trip to a Disney park.  Disney ornaments and Christmas decorations can easily become kitschy, but keeping an eye for simplicity and cohesiveness, I think I’ve succeeded at keeping everything tasteful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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3 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Hang Up Your Sock…”

  1. I love it! And I need to come see it.

  2. I plan to see it, if it takes a dog sled.


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