Happy House, Happy Wife

My house was spoiled this Christmas.  Among many other gifts I received were those to make my house look good, smell good, make yummy food and pleasing sounds.  Four out of five senses.  Not half bad.

Here’s a quick rundown of the fabulous home gifts I received for Christmas.

A salt cellar, zester, microplane, cast iron skillet (not pictured), and cute little smidgen, dash and pinch measuring spoons.

The salt cellar will increase my salting effeciency by reducing the six-step process (grab kosher salt box from the cabinet, open box, pour into hand, pinch, salt, then figure out what to do with the excess) to a three-step process (flip lid, pinch, and salt).  The zester and microplane will allow me to finely grate foods like lemons, oranges, garlic and nutmeg, making my dinners that much more flavorful.  In fact, I’m watching the Food Network right now and I have yet to see a recipe where the haven’t used these tools.  I’ve already used my new cast iron skillet (really Ali, my step-mom, did).  It was a bit tricky to clean, but it should make some really delicious one dish meals.  I still don’t know the accuracy of the smidgen, dash, and pinch measuring spoons, but they should come in very handy.

A couple great, little baskets for the dining table.

Or for wrangling ingredients in the kitchen, or for keeping snacks on the buffet, endless possibilities.

Woodwick candles in scents Redwood and Applewood.

These are really great smelling candles with wooden wicks that create a crackling sound when lit.  I’ve already burned both, and seriously, within minutes, you can smell them in the next room.

A white, ceramic wind chime.  It’s inside right now, but I plan to hang it from the back porch and I hope to buy many, many more because it does look quite interesting hung inside.

The Christmas 2009 star-themed ornament.  It has been a tradition for several years for my mom to give my brother and me star-themed ornaments for Christmas.  I look forward to it every year.

A new fireplace mirror purchased with a Lowe’s gift card,  a vase (please forgive the lack of foliage) and two hourglasses purchased with a TJ Maxx gift card, and a couple of peices of art.

A wall organizer for the utility room.  Now I just need color coordinated mops and brooms…

A wonderful Miele canister vacuum.

This thing is really great.  It works well on carpet, but works best on hard surfaces.  Some of my favorite features are the retractable cord, which saves me from a lot a back aches; the upholstery attachment, which does an impecable job at getting cat hair out of pillows and upholstered chairs; and the six different suction settings, which to me really means six different volume settings.  The Miele has made it so much easier to do an almost daily sweep of the kitchen and utility room – the prime spots for litter tracking.  Vacuuming used to be one of my least favorite chores, but now it’s hard for me to go a day without wheeling the bright, shiney, torquoise thing out of the closet.  Oh, I forgot the best part.  With the vacuum, I was gifted the optional HEPA filter, which should turn the little machine into an air purifier on wheels.

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4 Comments to “Happy House, Happy Wife”

  1. This should make all of your gift-givers very pleased. I know it did me.

  2. how exciting! where oh where is that wind chime from?! it’s gorgeous, I think a few of them could make a really striking “wall” for a backyard porch.

    • Ms. Meadowbroke,

      I have found the moon bell chime (as they’re described, if you’d like to do a google search) in several places. The one I was given I’m pretty sure was from Sprout Home . Unfortunately, it looks as though they’re out of stock. A custom order can be requested at this Etsy shop , although they’re priced quite high. And here they are at Viva Terra , and it looks like they’re on sale!

      I love your idea for a wall of them. They really are stunning in person.

  3. I’m glad you like the vacuum. I’m debating about what to do about mine. It will be very expensive to fix it, it’s at least 15 yrs old and still does the job but sounds like it’s falling apart. It’s a Rainbow, kind of cumbersome with the water and all but it’s been an excellent product overall.

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