I Need More Green.

It’s obvious from my previous inspiration posts (here and here) that I have a lot of ideas.  The most challenging thing is keeping those ideas organized.  Kaboodle.com has been great for corralling items or images that I find online.  There, I can create lists that can be divided into sections.  In my ‘Home Reno’ list, for example, I organize my items by room or, more specifically, by item like window treatments or lighting, when too many options become available.  Kaboodle is great when I want to remember ideas, but it doesn’t allow me to visualize my ideas working together.

Over at one of my most frequented blogs, younghouselove.com, they have regularly put together a thing called a mood board.  A mood board is a collage of items and furniture for a room or area that allows the viewer to get a better idea for how those items will work together.  I’ve created my own mood board, both to clarify my design intentions to you, the reader, and for my own benefit and amusement.  The mood board has definitely helped me to hone in on what items will best achieve the look I’m going for.  The mood board I’ll be posting today is for the living room, but I hope to compile boards for the rest of the house once my ideas have settled a bit.

One of the most important items for the living room, paint, has gone unnumbered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see it.  I plan on painting all of the walls in the living room white.  Which white has yet to be decided, but you don’t want to be bored with that, right?

1.  I’d like to replace the current beige carpet with dark wood.  My dad said it best when he described the affect of a dark floor as receading, making the space feel larger and allowing the furnishings to contrast against it.

2.  I haven’t picked out a specific rug, but I know I’d like it to be light, textured and large, to fit my large living room.

3.  The Ikea Kramfors sofa.  One of the two items shown that I actually have.  I’ve debated getting a new sofa, thinking something in a fabric would go best with my dream #5, but I don’t know how I could part with the Kramfors. It’s large enough to seat 3 people, or more if you include the extra wide arms as seating.  The wide arms and back also double as side tables and a console table for drinks (coasters, though, please!), remotes, laptops, books, etc.  It has held up remarkably well to the cats and can be spillt on and wiped up incredibly easy.  I love my Kramfors.

4.  I am most excited about this item.  Pictured is a stool from ikea, but I have gone through several different options for a coffee table/ottoman.  This is one of the most attractive and cheapest options, but at 23″, it could be larger.  I may be able to remedy this by buying a few and scattering or stacking them in front of the sofa.

5.  Ok, so #5 is pretty exciting, too.  I have always wanted an Eames Lounge.  My dad had one when I was growing up and so did Frasier.  Who wouldn’t want one?  I worried that it would be leather overload when paired with the leather sofa, but I think with the tan color and matte (with time) finish, it will work.  Rob and I hope to be able to buy the lounge chair for either our 3rd (leather) or 5th (wood) anniversary.  It’s looking as though it will be our 5th…

6.  This is another item that has been difficult to pin down.  I’m wanting a slipper chair that’s not too boxy, with light, textured, fabric upholstery.

7.  White, sleek, sculptural side tables will contrast well with the low, textured #4 ottoman.

8.  A wood slat bench behind the sofa will bring in a different texture, more seating, and more surfaces for placing lighting, books and the like.

9.  Several of these bookcases placed end to end will create a nice built-in look for the TV, all of its components, and whatever else I feel like storing.

10.  The second of the two items I actually own, this floor lamp has a nice, big drum shade with a light texture, good light output and cute pull-style switch.

11.  A glass, fillable table lamp is a great way to bring in extra texture by filling it with items like pine cones, coffee beans, and starfish.

12.  I find drapes to be surprisingly easier to manage with cats than blinds.  Blinds enevitably get pulled up 18″ to allow the cats to look outside. If they’re not, I’ll be woken up at 3 am to a cat slamming the blinds against a window in attempt to get behind them.  That, or the cats will just chew through them.  We had a Polly shaped hole in the plastic blinds at our old place.  Plus, drapes let in a lot more light when opened, absorb sound and soften the aesthetics in the room.

13 & 14.  It took me a while to decide on an accent color, but I think green is it.  It will go with whatever plants I bring in, be cohesive with whatever season we’re in, and the kitchen accent is already green, so it’s an easy decision.

15.  It looks like a mirror, but it’s actually an aluminum tray for the ottoman.  It will make the surface of the ottoman more stable for setting food and drinks on.

16.  Yes, a big, sculptural floor plant.  I don’t know where it’s going to go, but it will look great and bring some much needed nature into the room.

So there you have it.  My living room mood board.


10 Responses to “I Need More Green.”

  1. Looks really good! We’ve talked before about how I’ve long coveted my own number 5. I like the wood slat bench idea too, especially styled with the accessories you mention. How dark would the floor be, and what would the size and finish of the boards be like?

    As for #16, I’m not just a fan of houseplants anymore; I’m the proud parent of no less than six of them, thanks in large part to your encouragement. I’m still anxious to ditch the fake Japanese maples we have and replace them and the cabinet under the tv with a much wider piece and a live floor plant or two. To put it kindly, the bland artificiality and near perfect symmetry we have going now is less than aesthetically pleasing. Plus the proportions are way off for wall-space-cabinet-tv. I’d also like to find a way to put some cool framed art on that wall. It would have to make sense with the little tykes firetruck and basketball goal though 🙂 . . .

    Does it say something about me, and how pathetically self-loathing I can be about this stuff, that your thought and effort towards your space only makes me feel worse and more helpless about mine (I ask with a weary, knowing smile)? It’s a special kind of curse to be able to really appreciate and recognize what looks good and still be unable and unwilling to do what it takes to make it happen at my own house.

    Well, I need more green too, and in several more ways than one, but unfortunately that’s not all I need when it comes to creating a more beautiful and inviting living room!

    • Mark,
      My ideal wood flooring would be a dark, walnut color stained hardwood in 3 inch planks with a satin finish. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything like this with a reasonable price tag. I have, however, found a very dark stained engineered wood in 3 inch planks with a gloss finish for incredibly cheap. The manufacturer is one that we use at work, so at least I know it’s good stuff.

      Your house plants look great, and I’ll be needing my own encouragement to grow my own. I seem to be going through a spell of lack of confidence in being able to take care of living things.

      I certainly need more green than plants and accessories, as Rob can attest to. And that’s my own curse; I can throw together mood boards all day, but we’ll see if it can be put into action in a timely manner.

      Thanks, Ali,
      I’ll definitely plan on stocking up on different green items with different shapes and textures. I’ll have a lot more space to fill than I’m used to!

      I suppose I was unconsciously leaving out the fireplace because I’m not quite ready to make a decision about it (whether or not to paint it white). So, until then, I plan on ignoring it, altogether.

      • Sounds good. I actually like the idea of the gloss, but rember it being harder to keep looking clean at our old house (it was sort of semi-gloss looking after aging 80 years!). Ozzy didn’t help that cause either though.

        I really doubt I’m telling you anything you don’t know already, but I learned from Ralph that flooring goes on massive discount when discontinued or when a retailer has only a small amount left from a large order. The office floor in our house was purchased at an opportune time for a very good price like that. Ralph is actually supposed to be on the lookout for another good deal so we can replace the carpeted area of our living room with a wood similar enough to what’s in the office for continuity.

      • That’s a great idea, Mark. I wonder if the square footage required for the areas I’d like wood installed would be too high for using job remnants. I think I need something around 1,000 square feet, not including waste.

  2. Taylor your ideas sound quite nice. I love the idea of more green too. Perhaps some green could show up on #9, the book case, in the form of ceramic vases or bowls or other forms that are shapes which appeal to you? It would be in addition to the green glass vases (#14) as they would be opaque and suggest a bit more substantial green element. Also, you might find some large hard back books you love that have gorgeous green covers too – for #9 and even #8 . Overall I find your scheme gorgeous and very thoughtful. Inspiring actually.

  3. Looks good. Are you unconsciously excluding a sample of sandstone from the fireplace? That seems to me to be a major player in that room.

  4. it looks great!

    i will throw in my vote for “decorators white” from Benjamin Moore, im on my way to painting the whole house in it and its a super clean crisp white.

    which brings me to those stools, where is #7 from?

    • Thanks, Sara!

      You can find the stool here. I like it because it seems to be one of the less expensive “white sculptural stool” options.


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