Running out of things to plan.

What exciting past few days we’ve had.  On Friday, I scheduled a couple window installers  and a tile installer to come by the house for estimates.  I’m not expecting to have these things done soon, nor at one time because, holy cannoli, that would be expensive, but we’d like to get a good idea of what things will cost once we are ready.

I’ve already chosen a tile that I love at an excellent cost – an 18×18 through-body porcelain.  It is much less red in person, and actually, it matches my existing wood trim and cabinets almost perfectly.

Now to find an equally budget-friendly installer.

I never really was a fan of tile until living with 600 square feet of it in our new home.  I like that I don’t have to worry about tracking in mud or spilling water and our experience this weekend solidified my feelings.  Sunday morning, I finally got to tackling the laundry I had put off the day before.  I started some darks, then settled in front of the TV for some boob-tube time. 20 minutes later I went to the kitchen to heat up some left over fried rice I had made.  Yummy.  Just as I reached the refridgerater, I found myself standing in an inch of water.  Turns out, the drain from the washing machine had frozen during our week of single digit temperatures and the water from the washing machine had no place to go except back into my house.  Luckily, I had tile as far as the eye could see, and was able to soak up the mess with my many, many rag towels.  I knew those would come in handy.  Now, if my kitchen had wood floors, I’m sure I would have had some serious warpage.  I love my tile.

My windows have seen their own moisture problems.  With the house being gutterless for an undetermined amount of time, facing northeast with a good amount of shade on its back, and broken seals all over the place, it’s no wonder our worst window has something growing inside.  I always wanted a terrarium.

So this will be the first window to be replaced.  Not that you’re surprised.  But nothing I do will ever be that easy.  I had an “installer” come by to check things out.  Really, he just wanted to sell me vinyl windows, which only come in white or almond.  That’s not going to work with my dark bronze trimmed exterior.  Fortunately, I did learn a few things from my experience with the “installer”:

1)  State my concerns first.  I’d only be wasting my time and theirs if I wait for them to finish their spiel.

2)  Provide scaled images to get my design intent across.  Sketches probably won’t cut it.

3)  Instead of expecting them to bring all the answers, brochures, and samples to my house, just go to them (a showroom).

Bonus: it’s easier to leave a window showroom than to kick a window salesman out of my house.


2 Comments to “Running out of things to plan.”

  1. We have used Pella and found them to be very nice, not pushy. I love the windows. I think I still have some literature and their showroom is on Britton Road.

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