Home & Garden

This weekend, the Oklahoma State Fair is hosting the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show.  House renovation comrade, my mom, and I are planning to scope it out.  I’m hoping to score some deals in the form of coupons for things I was going to buy anyway (windows, floors, paint, plants).  It may be wishful thinking, but fortunately, the least I could come away with are some great ideas and perhaps some interesting pictures.  I’m very excited, I’ve already highlighted the vendors I absolutely want to see.  Are you ready for this, Mom?


4 Comments to “Home & Garden”

  1. I’m your more-than-willing comrade! It was a toss-up as to who was going to ask who first!

  2. Or is that “whom”?

  3. Hi guys,

    congrats on your first home! This is so exciting.
    We bought ours in 2005 and also started a blog last month.
    We went through a lot of renovations, including window replacement, new roof and hundreds of projects that we completed ourselves. We also do gardening.
    Please visit our blog and good luck with yours.


  4. Good ideas and good writing, too, honey. Everything looks great.

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