Post Home & Garden Show

The Home & Garden Show was a blast.  It consisted of 4 different buildings, all containing different aspects of home and garden improvement.  Somehow, my mom and I finished our day in what we would both agree as being the coolest building.  The Travel and Transportation Building housed the Gardens & Outdoors vendors.  Immediately upon walking into the building, my glasses fogged due to the humidity from the waterfalls.  They even had full-sized trees planted.  I kept telling my mom they should give me one considering it’s the last day of the show.

But some of those trees were upwards of $1000, so I’m fairly certain they were going right back to the nursery unless someone was smitten enough to buy.  I almost was.  I did, however, buy myself some plants for a very cool $10.

These are Tillandsia or “air plants”.  They essentially need so little water that they can just sit on rocks and get an occaisonal misting of water to be happy.  The first red one is a little scraggly because Jin took it on a tour of the living room.  To remedy that, I’ll most likely buy myself one of these:

On our way out of the Home & Garden Show, I got a sneak peak at my birthday present.  Actually, I was oohing and ahing over an entire booth of a local artist couple, Bob and Donna Walter of Walter Works, so much that my mom offered one of their pieces as my birthday gift in a few months.  I’m so excited and I already have plans for it (of course!).  So here it is, and be sure to check back in March for my garden plans!


7 Responses to “Post Home & Garden Show”

  1. I laughed out loud at the mental image of Jin giving the new houseplant a tour. And do you remember what those evergreen trees were in your third picture? I didn’t remember the ends of the branches being somewhat weepy. We had a great time, didn’t we!

    • I don’t remember seeing what kind of trees they were while we were at the show, but after a quick google search, I found that they may be some sort of deodar cedar. We did sniff one, didn’t we?

  2. Pretty cool that your mom gets to do stuff like that with you so easily. I’m jealous! I also wonder if it’s like deja vu for her, doing it with someone else with such minimalist taste. I know I probably used to drive her nuts!

    • I’m sure I am driving her nuts this week especially, considering the work that she’s having done at her house. I suppose it’s a trade off for the advice.

  3. Both of you have definitely influenced my taste! I tend to inject a bit of rustic elegance into my contemporary (not to be confused with modern) tendencies. I’m sure I’ve surprised Taylor with my sense of color and design that I learned from Jim! And “Dad”, you can be sure that I don’t take for granted how easily I can do stuff with her. I’m pleased that she WANTS me to!

  4. Yeah, I keep thinking they’ll suddenly decide we’re old and boring, but I think we’ve safely gotten past that stage a while back.


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