$15 Weekend Project

This weekend, I assigned myself a project; Transplant a gifted garden arrangement into individual planters.  The only requirement: spend as little money as possible.

In December, my mom and Deb sent me a beautiful garden arrangement as a congratulations for passing my test (woo!).  I don’t have a picture of it as a whole, but it looked something like this:

A basket filled with several different types of plants that were planted in dirt rather than just cuttings.

Lately, some of the plants had been struggling and I thought they would work better as several smaller plantings rather than one big, cumbersom planting that could only fit in one location.  I knew I wanted white ceramic planters, but the only ones I could find that wouldn’t break our barely there budget were from IKEA, which is a good 3 hours away, a trip that only comes once a year.  My next idea was to buy terracotta planters.  Terracotta planters are fairly basic with a price tag to match, leaving me room to customize them however I want.  I found a tutorial online with simple instructions to paint the planters and then set out to find my materials.

I visited several home improvement stores looking for inexpensive terracotta planters, but found myself at a local nursery which had exactly what I needed for $0.99 each.  Most other stores had the exact same planters for $2.99 or more.  One of the employees at the nursery even gave me some of their cheap plastic planters for me to place inside the terracotta planters.  After a quick stop at my mom’s for free soil and some additional plastic planters and a return to one of the home improvement stores for spray paint, I was ready to get home and start planting.

I purchased 2 different spray paints; one in a white gloss for the outside of my planters and one in a clear gloss for the inside.  The clear gloss is used essentially to protect the paint job on the outside from any moisture created by the plants.  Here are some progress shots:

The planters pre-painting.

And post-painting.

I then duct-taped the drainage holes in the planters, since I’ll be planting directly into the plastic planters (say that 5 times fast!) rather than into the terracotta planters.

And with all of the beautiful plants inside!

Does anyone have any idea what these plants are?  I know the plant in the lower left is Mother-in-law’s Tongue or Snake Plant and the plant in the upper center is a Peace Lily.  all of the others, I haven’t a clue.

**Edited to add: I think I’ve figured some of these out. Clockwise from upper left: Philodendron, Peace Lily (?? starting to question that now as these have very thin leaves and the lily part of the flower is green rather than white), Unknown – looks similar to Devil’s Ivy except the variegation is yellow rather than white, Spider Plant (non-toxic to cats!!), and Snake Plant.**

I ended up with more plants than planters, so I found an extra planter to accomodate.

I don’t know what this one is either!

**Edited to add: I’m fairly certain the above plant is Devil’s Ivy.**

So for less than $15 and a couple hours, I was able to spread even more green all around my house.

Oh yeah, remember this air plant from my post the other day?  Well, it’s starting to bloom.   Any guesses on the flower color? I’ll give you a hint: it’s pretty interesting!

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3 Comments to “$15 Weekend Project”

  1. Hey, next time you’re down, remind me to show 1 or 2 pots I have that you might like to take home with you. They’re a little small (maybe 5″ in diameter) and don’t have the hole in the bottom, so any plant you put in them would have to already be in a smaller clay or plastic pot. But they’re heavy stoneware and glazed pure white. The sides are straight up and down, not tapered like a regular pot.

    I say next time you’re down because I’m using them in the studio to hold different tools and I’m too lazy to empty them out and find something else as a holder.

  2. Wow! That’s so basic, but looks terrific!!

  3. Looks great! I love terra cotta planters. hmmm…I’m going to guess the bloom will be multi-colored. Perhaps blue and red?

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