Ever since this post, we have been frustrated by our master bathroom.  At the same time that our guest bathroom was getting a much needed face-lift by way of wallpaper removal, re-texturing and painting, our master bathroom sat one-third wallpapered, one-third bare, and one-third exposed gyp board core.  The reason?  Someone really wanted the wallpaper in the master bathroom to stay put.  It was like one of those price stickers that comes with your new CD.  You can get a piece of it peeled, but sooner or later, it’s going to separate from the rest of the sticker.  You’ll keep peeling and peeling, but you’re just going to end up with lots of little sticky stickers stuck to your fingers.


After 2 hours of inch-by-inch peeling and only a square foot cleared, I was convinced that our master bathroom would remain vandalism-chic for longer than I could stand it.  That’s when Rob came up to me and said, “Why don’t you just paint over it?”

So here we are, on the brink of another bathroom makeover.  This one should be even more simple than the last considering it has about half the wall space as our guest bathroom.

Here’s a good “right now” shot and what we have been living with since October.  It seems ridiculous just saying it.

And here’s a good “before” shot, complete with the previous owner’s furniture.

You’ll notice that the bathroom vanity is open to the bedroom and the toilet and shower are separated by a wall and door.  At first, I thought I wanted to tear down that wall and put a door between the bedroom and vanity, but having lived with it for 5 months now, I think we can agree that the set up works for us.  I can dry my hair in front of the mirror while Rob takes a shower and I don’t have to worry about the dampness counteracting my efforts.  I do, however, hope to install a sliding barn door between the bedroom and the vanity for that much more privacy when we have guests over.  Something along the lines of this:

You’ll also notice that the water closet is one of my least favorite colors – hunter/forest/dark green.  I’m hoping I’ll feel energetic enough to paint over that at the same time as the vanity.  Double the results, right?


5 Responses to “Vandalism-Chic”

  1. I’ve never seen that “barn-door” solution — how clever! I was imagining some kind of pocket door, but that’s probably easier to do during the build rather than after. Can you contemporize the barn-door?

  2. That’s neat! I’ve never seen those barn door things.

  3. I wish I had some good advice about the wallpaper removal but I have suffered through many attempts with the same results as yours. I did read something the other day regarding painting over the wallpaper, that it is possible if done correctly. Good luck!


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