Bright White

I thought I should bring you an update on the progress of our master bathroom.  On Friday, I went on my own little paint shopping spree.  First, I visited a local mom-and-pop paint shop for some paint samples for our living room.  I had hoped to support local businesses by purchasing the bathroom paint from them, but since Home Depot had mixed Sherwin Williams’ Worldly Gray so well, I thought it best to return to them for the remainder of that paint color.

At Home Depot, I went paint supply crazy, purchasing 1 gallon of primer, 2 gallons of Worldly Gray in eggshell (for the master bathroom vanity area and the master bedroom) 1 quart of Worldy Gray in satin (for the steamy master bathroom water closet), a small jar of custom mixed sample paint, 2 bottles of spray texture, a package of paint rollers, painter’s caulk, and plastic liners for sealing off the room for texturing.

I bought the painter’s caulk to try out a technique I had heard the professionals use.  When taping off trim, they leave a small sliver of whatever they are taping off exposed.  They then squeeze a thin bead of caulk over the exposed sliver and overlapping onto the wall.  The caulk will provide a paintable paint-tight seal over the tape which allows for cleaner paint lines.  We’ll see how it works out.

Friday night we got to taping off the room, sealing it with caulk and spackling any holes or bare gyp board that needed to be covered.

Saturday morning, or rather afternoon by the time Rob got out of bed, we painted our base coat of primer.  As soon as that first coat was dry, we began taping plastic over the door frames and openings, mirror and cabinet in preparation for the mess that is spray texture.  I quickly sprayed down the vanity then thanked my lucky stars that it was the last time I would have to subject myself to that stuff.  For anyone wanting to attempt spray texture, I would recommend a heavy duty mask that will keep you from breathing in too many chemicals.

Sunday we took a break for the Super Bowl party we were hosting, but believe me, I showed off our half completed bathroom makeover to whoever was willing.

Monday we painted one more coat of the primer.

Here’s how it looks now.

What a dingey ceiling!  Don’t worry, I’ll paint it, too.  Doesn’t the crisp white primer look so much better than the before?

Here’s the water closet.  It currently has 2 coats of primer over the original dark green paint. Neither Rob nor I are convinced that 2 coats are enough.

Thursday, we’ll pick back up on the painting.  The vanity only needs 2 coats of Worldly Gray, while the water closet needs another coat of primer in addition to the top coat. Surely we’ll be finished by the end of the weekend.

The process hasn’t been so bad, we’ve had a great excuse to use our guest bathroom exclusively.


4 Responses to “Bright White”

  1. “Worldly” gray. Sounds too sordid for such a mellow, calming color. Or maybe I’m just a victim of overexposure to Evangelical misappropriations of the term. Most likely it’s inspired by the color of some natural clay soil.

    Someone really should write a story involving a character whose job it is to name these colors. You’d have to be an interesting person to stay in that career very long.

    I’m starting to wonder if I should post these musings. Stream of consciousness after a long day can be a dangerous thing. I think I’ll stop now.

    Happy painting!

  2. Randy and I painted the hallway in “Pecan Pie”. It was really an atrocious pink. Didn’t stay but just a few days. Wise Owl was much better.

  3. Wow, you guys are on a roll!! Love the texture.


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