Unkept Promises

Last week I promised we would have our bathroom painting finished.  It looks like I lied.  We did, however, manage to paint another coat and celebrate Valentine’s Day the best way we know how – by chowing down on chocolate dipped fruit while watching the new season of The Amazing Race.

Chocolate dipped fruit is one of my favorite (read: only) desserts to make.  I usually make it for special occasions or for gifting.  It’s essentially your choice of fruit – I’ve done bananas and pineapples, but this time we went for apples and strawberries; and semi-sweet chocolate chips melted in a Crockpot.  Once dipped, the fruit is refrigerated to create a chocolate-y  hard shell.

Rob took some awesome pictures while I licked up slaved over the chocolate.

And here’s some bonus cat footage for ya.  In an effort to keep this house related – Jin and Polly have recently discovered the warm tile in our house.  It’s a tile near their eating area that gets inexplicably warm, almost hot.  It is now their favorite napping spot on cold days.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Jin Sleeping“, posted with vodpod

2 Comments to “Unkept Promises”

  1. Looks like you were sampling before refrigerating!

  2. So jealous for that warm tile spot! haha. Jin is so cute.

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