To Do List

Before we closed on the house, I made up a To Do List of all the things I wanted to change.  I have added a few things and removed a few things, but for the most part, the list is the same.  I hadn’t wanted to share the list because of how many items were listed and how few had been crossed out.  Since it looks like I’ll be crossing off a few things in the next few months, I thought I’d share.

To Do List

1)  Replace carpet with wood (4/2010?)

2)  Replace existing tile (3/2010?)

3)  Replace all light fixtures

  • Entry – pendant
  • Dining – pendant
  • Living Room – recessed
  • Kitchen – pendant
  • Master Bedroom – pendant/close to ceiling
  • Master Bathroom – pendant or sconces
  • Bedrooms – close to ceiling
  • Guest Bathroom – sconce
  • Exterior Front – sconce

4)  Demolish partial wall/cover existing opening (3/2010?)

5)  Replace Living Room doors with windows  (I haven’t decided if I still want to do this.  Originally, I thought the door was inoperable, but the wood had just swelled the door closed.)

6)  Replace window treatments

7)  Remove upper cabinets above peninsula

8 )  Paint Fireplace

9)  Add Fireplace doors

10)  Add pocket/barn door to Master Bathroom

11)  Replace Master Bathroom sink

12)  Replace toilets with dual flush toilets

13)  Paint Interior

  • Living Room/Dining Room/ Hallway – BM Moonlight White (3/2010?)
  • Kitchen/Laundry Room/ Bedrooms/ Guest Bathroom/Master Bedroom/ Master Bathroom (In progress) – SW Worldly Gray

14)  Paint Exterior (In progress)

  • Trim – SW Black Fox
  • Field – SW Universal Khaki

15)  Replace Kitchen counter with quartz

*added* 16)  Replace all windows


3 Responses to “To Do List”

  1. Ambitious list! Where did you get your exterior sconce? And what are dual-flush toilets?

    • I purchased my exterior sconce from , although I think I originally found it at . CSN just had a better price. Dual-flush toilets are the type of toilet that conserve wateer by having the user choose between two power levels of flushing.


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