Too many projects, so little time.

Yes, we did take the painter’s tape down in the master bathroom.  We also painted the master bedroom, installed track lighting in the hallway, primed the hallway walls and purchased 2 living room chairs off of craigs list.  We have been busy, and it has only just begun.

This week we’ll be starting the wall demolition I posted about here.  As soon as that’s finished, we’ll remove the master bathroom vanity.  All in preparation for tile being installed in mid April.  We’ll then be installing the wood floors ourselves.  Once all the above is finished, I’ll be posting tons of before, during, and after photos.  Maybe even some videos. Until then, here are our new chairs and wood, tile and paint samples.

Jin and Polly love the chairs.  They’ll really love them when all the wall-to-wall carpet is gone.  I love the chairs, too, and for multiple reasons.  I really like the barrel backs because they contrast well with the blocky nature of our sofa.  I love that the chairs are used… but barely.  My goal for the house is to have a good mixture of new and used furniture.  It’s earth friendly and visually appealing.  The fabric, suprisingly, is growing on me.  It’s a mustard colored velvet that’s richer and has a bit more green in it than the picture shows.  It’s a good thing that I can stand the fabric’s color because I’ll be living with it for a while before I upholster it, if I choose to.  The wood, on the other hand, will be changing very soon.  I haven’t decided between if I’ll be painting the wood white or staining it dark brown.  Opinions?


2 Responses to “Too many projects, so little time.”

  1. I think the chairs need to be painted white and leave the amazing gold fabric:)


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