Walls are coming down and paint is going up, but right now I am shopping!

With the new chairs and thus new useful living room space, Rob has been complaining about the lack of light for reading.   He’s also noticed the absence of practical side tables.  I have created a monster.

So I did some browsing.  Shopping has gotten a lot harder with the addition of our CL chairs.  They have so much vintage style, that adding anything antique, shabby or kitschy could compete… in a very bad way.  I have to resist the constant urge to run off to craig’s list, ebay or etsy when I’m looking for an inexpensive home item.  For now, I’m sticking with modern, clean lined, texture-less accessories to pair with my not-so-new chairs.

The lamp that I love

I’d like two of these to place at either end of a bench behind the sofa.  This one isn’t perfect, so I’m keeping my eyes open for something comparable.

Side tables are a bit more difficult.  The ones I like seem to be more expensive than they should be, especially when I think about needing two of them… blargl.


Not so inexpensive:

Expensive, but drool-worthy:

Maybe I’ll get an inexpensive and an expensive side table in hopes of it all balancing out in the end… Of course, none of this is happening any time soon, since most, if not all, of our funds are going towards the great floor and circulation makeover.

What may happen soon, today in fact, is the purchase of these cuties:

I had my eye on them a couple months ago, but passed because I could have purchased a few gallons of paint instead.  Well, the paint is purchased, the otts are on super-duper sale and I have a gift card from my lovely sis-in-law.  I have no excuse.  I’ll be stopping at a near by store to see if they still have a couple.  I originally wanted to use them as little coffee tables, but unless your definition of a coffee table is “can hold a glass, but not if a cat runs into it”, these weren’t going to cut it.  Instead, I hope to use them just as decor pieces – scattered around the house with perhaps a potted plant on top.  We’ll see.


5 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. I love the not too expensive angular hourglass side table. Where did you find it?

  2. I saw where Francis Tuttle is offering a class on laminate floor installation, or wood floor installation.

  3. I love your blog!!

  4. Thanks, Jenna!

    LaRue – the side table is from West Elm. They also have it in white and a grayish purpley color.

    Mom – We could definitely use some schooling. It’s probably not free though, eh?


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