Sneak Peeks

It’s a rainy day here at Penny Lane, but you all know what we like to do on rainy days.  Besides a little trip to pick up our wood flooring this weekend, our efforts will be concentrated inside.  We’ll be attempting to complete all the little tasks before tiling starts on Monday.

Our goals are:

  • Finish painting the walls where tile is to be laid
  • Tape up plastic where we don’t want dust from tile demo
  • Move refrigerator, washer and dryer
  • Remove one toilet
  • Move furniture from tiled areas
  • Hide all kitchen knickknacks

Bonus goal:

  • Texture and paint Master Bathroom walls

And here are some sneak peeks at what’s been going on over here.

Painting green or painting white?

I think white…

A new view into our kitchen

Beautiful Tile

Kitchen Knickknacks


5 Responses to “Sneak Peeks”

  1. Only you would have a “bonus goal”!! Wonder if your dad will discover something of his among your photos . . .

  2. I guess Rob was taking a bonus “break” picking up groceries this afternoon!

    • Trust me, grocery shopping for Rob is anything but a break. Take, for example, what I agreed to do if he went grocery shopping for me – clean the litter box from head to toe, the works.


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