The Thick of It

Amazingly, we accomplished every single goal for last weekend, including our bonus goal, which, surprisingly, was one of the first items to be checked off the list.

And now we’re in the thick of it.  Most of the tile is removed, leaving a layer of thin-set all over our house.  Most everything is covered in dust, but there really wasn’t much more that we could have done, short of storing all of our belongings in a storage facility.  We have a lot of cleaning ahead of us.

Unfortunately, this is what was behind that 15′ tall sheet of protective plastic.

Hard at work cleaning.


Thankfully, we have patient family members who are willing to give our cats and us clean place to stay.  Thank you!!!!


5 Responses to “The Thick of It”

  1. It’s the least we could do! Couldn’t have you breathing that stuff overnight!! I’m amazed at all you’re getting accomplished. When do you get some “down” time?

  2. So you’re putting in hardwood? I can’t wait to see it. I know it is a lot of work giving your home a face lift, but every sweat and tear is always worth it in the end 🙂

    • Hi Jolie!

      This demolition is actually for the tile installation, but we will be installing wood in the other areas right after.


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