A New After

Of all the changes we’ve made to the house on Penny Lane over the last couple of months, we’ve come away with only one more mostly finished after: the master vanity.

Need a refresher on the history of our master vanity? Well, you can start here, where we attempted to remove the wallpaper. Then, move on to here, where we, again, attempted to remove the wallpaper. And finally, end here, where we decided to just paint over the wallpaper. I won’t go into much detail about the time between our last update on the vanity and now, but let’s just say we undid everything without the convenience of the edit command.

Two weeks ago, we had new tile installed which meant removing the old vanity to make room for the new floor-revealing, space-expanding vanity. A new vanity meant a new sink, which meant a new faucet and a new mirror. Suddenly, everything in the vanity area became new… except for the light fixture… But that’s ok, because somehow, that old, gold 70’s light fixture looks… how did you say it, Mark? Sprezzatura?

The sink and vanity are from IKEA. The faucet is from Overstock.com, by a company called Kingston Brass. The mirror was found at an antique store in Dallas (Dad, Ali? What was the store called?). I’d like to strip the paint off of the mirror to expose the dark wood frame, but Rob wants to leave it white. The wall paint is Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.


5 Responses to “A New After”

  1. R&T,

    Love this! Beautiful. Inspiring. Intimidating.

  2. That sink is perfect for the IKEA vanity! Does IKEA have a place to post recommendations like this sink? They need to know!!

  3. That looks so good, Taylor!

  4. Taylor this so so great. The place you got the mirror from is called …thought I would remember but I don’t. Your dad will.
    Love the sink and faucet so much.


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