Mid-Century Modern

Way back when, before we closed on the house, I was randomly browsing furniture on Craig’s List when I hit the jackpot. We weren’t exactly in the market for furniture, but moving from 800 square feet to 1800 square feet allowed for just a bit of wiggle room.

The listing featured an original 1960s walnut dining set consisting of a dining table and 6 chairs, a buffet and a light fixture. Being a fan of mid-century modern design, I sent a link of the listing to Rob just to say, “Look how cool!” Later that night, while lounging on the sofa, I was incredibly surprised to hear Rob say, “You can get it if you want.” I was shocked and incredibly excited. I immediately e-mailed the owners and then repeatedly hit the ‘check mail’ button until I got a reply.

The high-quality Craig’s List images:

The next day, we were driving out to Yukon to take a look at the furniture. Luckily, Rob just got his handy-dandy camera and was able to get some great photos.

After the owners graciously helped us haul the furniture home, the set was ours. The dining table and chairs, of course, went to the new dining room. The buffet sat in the dinette area for a while until it was forced to move to make way for the new opening. It sat homeless in our living room for a few days before it found its perfect spot in the master bedroom. It’s my favorite piece of furniture, so why not keep it in the room I’m in the most? The light fixture, on the other hand, sat unused in its box waiting for a home. It took me months to figure out where I wanted it. In the bar? No, the ceiling is too low. In the dinette area? No, the wiring isn’t centered on the table. In the master bedroom? Why, yes! The light fixture is traditionally used in a dining setting, but when have I ever been one to follow tradition?

So here is the master bedroom with the light fixture and buffet.

And Miss Polly on her tuffet.

And that’s probably the most mid-century modern furniture I can get away with.


7 Responses to “Mid-Century Modern”

  1. That buffet is gorgeous! I’m jealous!

  2. oh man I can’t believe that light fixture!! its breathtaking

  3. gorgeous! All of it! OT – bedroom chair is so perfect. Where’d you get that??


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