We’ve finally finished painting the living room, but I won’t reveal any Afters until more has been done, like the floor.

I think the new flooring is what will make the living room. Right now, it looks like standard white paint with standard beige carpet. In fact, while Rob and I had a half painted living room, most people thought we were painting it the original sage green color. Don’t get me wrong, the sage green was a nice color (good job previous owners), it’s just not me. I will never be a sage green person, no matter how you slice it.

But I digress.

We’ve finally finished painting the living room. The next challenge after painting the 16 feet peaked walls is decorating them. Unfortunately, the standard 8×10 framed art won’t do. Instead, I’ve been inspired.

My first source of inspiration came from an interior photo I had saved a while back.

I originally liked this interior because it reminded me so much of mine, with its clerestory windows, and it provided inspiration for things that I could do with my house. For example, the white, white walls with wood trim and the paper lantern dining fixture. But this time, I was inspired by the art hanging just below the clerestory windows. I remember being disappointed when I first saw this image and realizing I didn’t have enough wall space under my clerestory windows to hang art. Fortunately, I realized how I could use it.

If you remember the wall in question, we covered up the original doorway to the kitchen, then created a new one by tearing down the wall under the pass-through window. We were left with a wall perfectly sized for art. But I wanted something dramatic, like I said, the standard 8×10 framed art won’t do. So I took my inspiration art and rotated it.

I don’t have my materials, yet, but they’ve been scoped out. I’ll use a long piece of canvas, grommeted at the top, perhaps 3 feet by 11 feet, and paint a simplistic pattern in bold-ish colors. I’m contemplating black, a mustard yellow taken from my unfinished craigslist chairs and a light turquoise taken from the living room accessories.

The second source of inspiration came in 2006 on a college field trip to the Dallas Herman Miller showroom.

The installation was designed by Jennifer Prichard, a ceramic artist. Obviously, I don’t have the time, nor the talent to create and install a ceramic piece like this, but I can be creative, right? Jennifer Prichard also creates designs out of felt. This is getting a bit closer to my capabilities.

After a lot of research involving felt, origami and toilet paper rolls, I decided to make my wall art out of cardstock paper. The process of creating these guys is very simple and needs almost no explanation.  I just need cardstock, a pencil, scissors, and something to base my circle on.

There. I’ve got it. I used a can of condensed air as my outline. It ended up making a circle about 2.5 inches in diameter. I took the cardstock and folded it hot dog style. Then, traced the condensed air bottle onto the paper overlapping the folded end by about 1/16 inch.

Pretty cute, eh? Next, I’ll use white pins to attach them to the wall in some sort of swirling, natural pattern.

We’ll see how it ends up!


One Comment to “Inspiration”

  1. You continually amaze me with your creativity. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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