Evolution of a Dining Room

In 10 months, our dining room has gone through 4 looks and it can be safely said that it will go through more.

The first look was the walk-through-look, which included the previous home-owner’s furniture, custom blinds, sage green walls, cream tile and faux patina chandelier. Do you see the potential in this space?

The next look was the move-in-look. It essentially consisted of the swapping of the previous home-owner’s furniture with our craigslist furniture. I shudder to think that this was the state of the dining room when we hosted Thanksgiving ’09.

This next look is the one most everyone who visits this blog is familiar with. It’s the I’m-cheap-therefore-I’m-crafty look. It involves the replacement of the faux-patina chandelier with the handmade string light.

Unfortunately, the handmade light fixture didn’t stay up for long and since we didn’t really want to start a fire, we decided to replace it. We also had new tile installed and painted the walls white.

And we’re still not done. Do you want to know our plans for the space? Check out our To Do List.


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