New Look

So what do you think of the new look?

WordPress has convenient blog themes that can be switched out incredibly easily. I was never completely happy with our original theme and had been patiently waiting for a new theme to pop up that more accurately reflected our home’s style.

With the change of theme is also a slight change in layout. Rather than the calendar, categories and tags being located in the upper right hand side of the blog, they are instead located at the bottom of each page. I have also added a search box and subscription sign up to that grouping. To leave or read comments, you can either click the blog post title and scroll to the bottom of the page or you can click on the little speech cloud next to the blog post title.

Hope you enjoy!


4 Comments to “New Look”

  1. It’s not quite as obvious where the comments go, but once you find them, you’re set. The pictures seem to display larger with this layout. And it’s clean and simple. I like it!

    • Sorry, mom. I thought the comments part was self-explanatory, so I didn’t address it. I edited my post to clarify. Glad to hear that the pictures seem bigger.

  2. I wish you could do the windows this year. There is a tax credit up to $1500, basically 30% of the materials. I love Pella windows, I have some of their brochures as we’re in the process now. Thanks to the hailstorm, I will have an existing Pella window replaced.

    • Carole, you’ll have to tell me which dealer you go through. We had a guy come by earlier this year and he quoted us thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon… dollars. Essentially, we would have been able to do one, maybe to windows a year.

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