Fireplace, Pt. 1

The fireplace has always been a huge question mark at the House on Penny Lane.

(picture from a couple weeks ago while camping in the living room)

The first time I saw the house, I decided I did not like the fireplace. For months after buying the house, I was certain it would be completely painted over and no one could convince me otherwise.

(Image courtesy of Nibs)

Unfortunately, some people did. When it comes to design advice, there are few I look up to more than my dad. When I asked him for his thoughts on the fireplace, I was surprised to hear him say he liked the look of the natural stone. And then I was perplexed. Luckily, I found this image that brought together both painting the fireplace and leaving it natural.

(Image courtesy of

The idea is to paint the grout white while leaving the stone bare, hoping the combination would tie the fireplace to the rest of the room. Here is the above room’s before state.

(Image courtesy of

Now I’m pondering, should I attempt to build a fireplace “case” to get that ugly look out of my before picture? The tricky thing is not only attempting to build the case, but to design it so that we can build it. Ugh. Maybe I’m getting over my head.

In any case, I need to figure out some sort of solution before the cats figure out a 5th way of getting inside the firebox.

Any suggestions? Personal favorite ideas?


4 Comments to “Fireplace, Pt. 1”

  1. Not sure about the fireplace “case”, although maybe it’s just the proportions that seem off, like the size of the case in the photo would be too large for your room. Love the white grout though. Had you thought about just doing that and seeing how it looks?

  2. I like the white grout idea too. To me, covering up the stone with white really takes away from the warmth of the room. The fireplace is a source of comfort and homeyness. The natural material helps maintain that feeling.

  3. I also like the natural stone. It’s warm and adds a different tone of brown to the room. Try the white grout, it looks sharp and would make the fireplace more of a focus.

  4. I have the same problem and the same fireplace! Take a look!
    You can see that our room with the fireplace is still a dream in progress so thanks for the inspiration.
    I have never actually seen one painted before, and that picture of the white fireplace is beautiful. I like the look of the natural stone too though, and had never thought of painting in between. I don’t think we can do that to ours, as it is much more jagged. But I like the look of it for yours! Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

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