Our Sofa

I love our sofa.

IKEA Kramfors

For something we spent so little time researching, our sofa turned out to be a smart purchase. We bought it way back in 2008. Just a few months after we had been married. At that time, the seating in our living room consisted of a futon. It was a nice futon, we just wanted something a bit more grown up. So we saved up our money, and with the help of my dad, ordered the sofa before making the trip to Dallas to pick it up. We borrowed Rob’s dad’s truck to transport the much-larger-than-anticipated sofa back home. That was an exciting 4 hours.

The sofa in our townhouse with our much beloved Hank looking on.

Since then it has been eaten on, spilled on, slept on, and scratched on and for the most part, still looks new. It did, however, need some desperate cleaning and polishing. It had become a bit dried out over the years and the leather wipes I had been using weren’t going to cut it. For the past few months, everytime I went to the store, I had been keeping my eye out for some sort of leather upholstery cleaner, but could never find anything. Turns out, I was looking in the wrong place. The folks in Oklahoma must not own very much leather furniture, because all of the leather products were in the automotive section.

Last night I purchased “leather care gel: cleans, conditions & protects for that lasting luxurious look”. And, oh, does the sofa look and smell so good.

Polished right side, unpolished left side.

Jin approves.


5 Comments to “Our Sofa”

  1. Seems like it gets more comfortable with age, too. Your dad and I had looked at leather furniture years ago (and no, Oklahomans don’t buy much leather furniture). There was a store on 50th & MacArthur, if you can imagine. Not that great a location back then either! It was all way too expensive — about $2000 for a sofa in the 1970’s (that would probably be about $5000 today), and definitely out of our price range.

  2. That is one great sofa!

  3. Hi! How is surviving the leather to the cat scratches? I have the same sofa and I want to have a cat. But i’m not very sure about the combination. Thanls!

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