Let there be light.

Last week I desperately wanted to post pictures of our new wood floors. Unfortunately, every room with new floor was a mess with unpacked boxes, furniture strewn about and general mayhem from installing the new floors. The only room I could think of that was picture-ready was the hallway. I grabbed the camera and was about to snap a furry of photos before I remembered that one of our hall lights is out.

Our half-lit, mid fixture replacement hallway

When we moved in, our lighting consisted of two fish bowl fixtures at either end of a goldenrod hallway. Upon painting our bedroom, the hallway stood out like a sore thumb. When we painted the hallway, the lighting revealed itself to be less than desirable. So in late February of 2010, we found ourselves in the track lighting aisle at Lowe’s. Happy as clams to find impressive lighting for so cheap, we left to install the tracks to the hall ceiling. During the installation, we were more like happy as cats after a bath, which is not at all.

Polly after her first bath.

The installation of the track lighting was particularly difficult, so when one of our tracks started malfunctioning, we felt like felines at a pool party. After dismantling the track and testing every component, Rob found the source of the problem – the copper lines inside of the track were not conducting the electricity going into the fixture. We paid another visit to Lowe’s. Hilarity insued and 1.5 hours later we were back home with a new track. Then we went to bed.

The next evening we installed our new track and…

Huzzah! We have light!

Let the manic new-floor-picture-taking begin!


4 Comments to “Let there be light.”

  1. Polly looks like she’s about to go Sean Penn on the camera. I’m guessing there’s a similar “mid-installation” picture of the wife that we may never see.

  2. Now I know what “happy as cats after a bath” looks like! Poor Polly. But glad everything had a good ending. At least I assume Polly dried out and eventually forgave you for instigating such a horrible ordeal.

  3. “Furry of photos” works well vis-a-vis your “cats after a bath” comparison. Pun intended? 🙂

  4. I particularly enjoy your writing. 🙂

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