Wood Floors Pt. 2: The Hallway.

With the addition of the new wood floors, our hallway is practically finished. Amazing.

If only you could see the before. Unfortunately, the documentation has been lost within the digital world, likely to never be seen again. Hm.. maybe that should be ‘thankfully’.

Before we get to our new, improved hallway, let’s take a look back at the inspiration picture Rob blogged almost a year ago, here.

(Image courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com)

I originally identified with this image because of the long hallway with multiple doors interrupting the flow of the walls. I knew I would have the same obstacles at Penny Lane. I also really liked the directional lighting, the repetitive round rugs and the large art focal piece at the entrance of the hall.

I wanted the hallway to act as an art gallery – displaying art I have collected been given over the years mixed with images of friends and family. I’m not the type of person who displays framed family photos throughout the house, so including some sort of resemblance of a life had to be purposeful. The lighting decision was a relatively easy one to make. We chose track lighting. The following installation and repair, on the other hand, was a bit more difficult, as I described here. To achieve an even stronger art gallery feeling in the hallway, I decided to go with a white, flat paint. We ultimately chose Sherwin Williams Pearly White because it looked best in both the hallway and the living room, each having different lighting types – the living room: mostly natural light; the hallway: halogen.

Enough talk. Let’s get to the Before and Afters.

Imagining the Before will take a bit of creativity. Imagine a long, carpeted hallway, some of which was fraying at the sides leaving bits of carpet threads tracked throughout the house. The walls were goldenrod yellow with marbelized fish globe light fixtures at either end. The result was dark, dingy and dated.


The entrance to the hallway from the dining/entry/living room.

View from the master bedroom towards Rob’s office.

View from Rob’s office towards the master bedroom.

So there you have it. Our new, fancy floors in the hallway. After the addition of round rugs and a few paint touch ups, we can call it done. At this point, though, it will join the guest bathroom on the list, ‘finished for now’.


2 Comments to “Wood Floors Pt. 2: The Hallway.”

  1. It looks fantastic! I remember the “before’s” — pretty uninspiring. You’ve done a great job — with a little help from your friends. . .

  2. That track lighting does really look good – with the spotlight effect on the pictures, but still lighting up the hall, neat!!

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