Flowers, etc.

As promised, I returned to the farmer’s market flower stand to buy more vases filled with flowers. Notice the plural. I had to replace my original vase because somebody broke it on my way out that morning.

Jin’s nickname around our house is “somebody”. For example, “somebody chewed up my new plant!” or, “somebody opened the cabinet and broke my new glass pitcher!” All phrases heard often around the house on Penny Lane.

But I digress.

I nabbed an identical jar to the one that had been broken.

And also nabbed its older, larger cousin.

Sister-in-law, Sarah, did the excellent flower rearranging. She also set up the vignettes. You see, I may be an interior designer, but I’ve never claimed to be good at accessorizing. I’m going to have Sarah over for an accessorizing session. Check back for that.

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One Comment to “Flowers, etc.”

  1. We did good! Can’t wait to visit some indoor farmers market this fall!

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