Before the house on Penny Lane, Rob and I lived in an 800 sq. ft. townhouse with a small courtyard. Rob owned the townhouse before we met, and when we married, I moved in with him. It was a lot of fun to turn the weedy bachelor pad into our home.

The spring after our wedding, I began the overhaul of the courtyard.



I loved all of the plants that I used at the townhouse. My favorites were the Yuccas, Catmint and Purple Heart, mostly because they showed no signs of heat exhaustion in my extra hot and sunny courtyard. I also loved the Elephant Ears, Banana Plants and Hostas, even though those did not do quite so well.

My two Banana Plants came with us to Penny Lane, but only one survived the winter in the garage. All spring and summer, my bright purple planters sat in front of our house with little to show. My single Banana Plant, although growing, couldn’t be seen unless standing right over it and the empty planter was just… empty. Except for the weeds, of course.

So over Labor Day weekend, I scanned my local nursery to see what intrigued me. I had heard that a successful planter arrangement consists of a “thriller, filler and a spiller,” meaning it contains at least one plant that should be the focal point of your planter, one that spills over the sides of your planter and one that fills the spaces between. And what else should I leave with except for a Yucca, my thriller; a Catmint, my filler; and Purple Heart, my spiller.

Apparently, the combination just works for me.

The Banana Plant doesn’t look quite as fancy. It’s a bit tattered from the wind, and obviously only a fraction of its full size. Banana Plants can grow to 15 feet, while mine is currently at 10 inches.

There’s a house in my neighborhood that has Banana Plants in the ground out front. That’s pretty much the only way those suckers can survive an Oklahoma winter, plus tons of mulching. I plan to bring my gigantic planter inside over the winter in hopes that it could reach full height at some point in its lifetime. We’ll see how it goes!


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