Mirror Mishap

Somebody broke my giant floor mirror from IKEA.


You remember, the one in this picture with the good cat?

I’m kidding, of course. I love both of my cats dearly.

So now the master bedroom looks significantly smaller and darker and it’s taking me 10 minutes longer to get ready in the morning because I can’t figure out what I look like.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I obviously need something to cover up those outlets. It can’t be another leaning mirror, because, let’s be honest, it’s just going to happen again and I’d prefer to learn from this experience. Maybe another Sansevieria plant is in order. Then I could hang a long mirror 24 inches above the floor. It needs to be tall enough so I can see myself head to toe, but not so big that it can’t be hung. I’m thinking some antique shopping is in order, considering it is impossible to find anything decent in retail that won’t break the bank. Then, if I feel so inclined, I may surround the larger mirror with smaller, varying antique mirrors.

Here are some mirrors I like:

Wall mirror from Etsy shop Fabulousmess

Wall mirror from Etsy shop Rerunzvintageshop

Accent mirror from Etsy shop Susantique

Accent mirror from Esty shop Sevenbc

Sansevieria plant/ Snake plant/ Mother-in-law’s Tongue

But for now, what the heck do I do with this giant, broken mirror?


4 Comments to “Mirror Mishap”

  1. We like the second mirror, “rerunzvintage” but they’re all good. Sorry you can’t see yourself at present but trust us on this one: You look great! 🙂 D&L

  2. Remember when one of our little “someones” broke the Peruvian bowl on my desk, and you tried to convince me that the visible crack when I reglued it added character? Well, I won’t even try that here.

    Sorry that happened. I liked that mirror.

  3. There is a large mirror in our guestroom closet. You are welcome to it. No frame around it, it used to hang on the back of our bedroom door.

  4. Would a vertical series of small mirrors work to give you a full-length view?Granted, you may miss an inch or two between mirrors, but the cost may be more reasonable and actually give the wall space some character. Of course, I’m not the designer, but it’s a thought . . .

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