Walk This Way Remix

Way back in January, I wrote about my plans for redirecting the traffic through the common areas of our house. Then I followed through with my plans. Then I didn’t write anything else about it, except for this brief peek at the opening before the new floors were installed.

So here I am, posting the results of our largest renovation project to date. Let’s start at the beginning.


Here’s Rob during our first viewing of the house, complete with the previous owner’s furniture and shoes. I specifically took this picture because I was less than thrilled with the pass-through window between the living room and the kitchen. We decided to cover up the existing doorway and tear down the half-wall under the window to create a new doorway to the kitchen.


Our house was a bit of a mess for a couple of months during the demolition and patching of the wall. The work required tearing up some of the tile, but we were fortunate to be racing against the clock for flooring replacement, which made our house even messier. It was all worth it for the after.


Here’s a view of the new doorway from the entry. I love how much light pours into the main living area now that there isn’t a half-wall in the way.


A view from the living room into the kitchen. Too many unfinished and unstarted projects to mention twice.


The view from the kitchen into the living room. Things are fairly unfinished on this side of the new opening. I will get started on the kitchen once we tie up the loose ends on our other projects.

So there you have it, the start to almost-finish of our pass-through knock down, largest home renovation project to date!


3 Responses to “Walk This Way Remix”

  1. Love the pic with the cat — those rooms look excellent with your changes: more open, more light, fabulous flooring. Love it!! D&L

  2. After seeing all the “in progress” photos, the “before” and “after” photos are so much more dramatic! You guys did a GREAT job!!


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