Flowers, etc.

I will start to share less of the mundane details of my flower escapades and more of my epic successes and inevitable failures.

This week, Sarah and I switched it up a bit and visited a different grocery store in search of more exotic floral finds. I was becoming bored by the roses, carnations and daisies at my usual haunt. And we were not disappointed. Very often, we found ourselves pointing at a botanical asking, “what’s that?

Unfortunately, with exotic plants come exotic prices. Most of what I wanted to take home had too high of a price tag for just a single stem. I circled the display enough times that my shopping cart and I would be considered wed in some countries, but eventually made it home with a few basics and a few knock-outs.

Here are the knock-outs.

Whatchamacallits in the Master Bathroom. I like how bright and cheery they are in our dark corner of a vanity, plus the neat shadow effect created by the splayed leaves.

Cut Gladiolus for the living room. Each stem was just under $2 – a steal if you consider how well it works in a minimalist arrangement.

See? Gorgeous.

I couldn’t resist picking a second Gladiolus stem for the master bedroom.

And a most honorable mention to a simple Daisy in a new bud vase given to me by my step-mom Ali as a get-well gift.


4 Comments to “Flowers, etc.”

  1. I should know what the “whatchamacallits” are — they’re used a lot in mixed flower arrangements. It’ll come to me. Seems like they’re related to daylilies, so some kind of small lily.

  2. I love these exotic flowers 😀 great photo

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