I hate shrubs. Scratch that. I hate shrubs that are pruned into massive geometric shapes… like mine.

The ultimate exterior before picture, taken by the real estate agent for the listing. Also proof that we’ve allowed our landscaping to become completely overgrown.

I prefer more natural shapes that are not typically found in hollies. I had planned to tear them out, but my mom encouraged me to shape them first. She came over Sunday morning and we got to planning. Should we shave a little off the top? Thin it out from within? I asked if it would be a completely awful idea to prune them like trees – leaves on top, bare trunks underneath. Surprisingly, she didn’t say no.

So we got to pruning. Some cuts were easy and quick, others took some planning and good leverage, but we soon found ourselves surrounded by piles of branches. We took a step back and were pleased.

It’s definitely closer to that Asian Garden feel that I’m going for. Please excuse our 1/4 painted house.

I’m planning to plant Hostas underneath the Hollies to bring some more green and cover up the dirt pile.

Ultimately, I’m very happy with the nowhere-near-the-end result. It opens up that dank corner and brings something interesting to the table. Thanks for your help, mom!


2 Comments to “Shrubbery.”

  1. What a radical (positive) transformation!

    Great look, organic and tending Asian garden. YES.

    Hostas are nice and full even when not in bloom. Excellent choice.

  2. This was a fun “mother-daughter” experience! So glad you’re happy with the results so far. It will be great to see that bed take shape, now that you have something to work with! Oh, and I can see a big difference in the cooler colors you’ve chosen for the exterior paint. It’s a big difference over the “before” picture!

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