Antiquing, etc.

Rob and I spent a very gluttonous weekend with some old high school friends of mine.

We had a great time – we were fed well and taken to a great antique mall that we literally spent hours in. I was told of a trick to shopping at this mall – only carry items that you can’t leave behind, take pictures of the items you’d like to return to. I took way too many pictures. Here’s just a few.

This was a tall piece, maybe 5 feet tall, carved out of wood and labeled “tribal art”. It would be great in the center of a long dining table or hanging on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. It was a steal at $45, but I had to leave it behind.

A ceramic gravy boat and a wood box. Both great items. The gravy boat was priced a bit high for being such a specific item (speaking in terms of decor, since a gravy boat can really only be displayed in a kitchen or dining room).

These glasses were so neat. They were glass with a metal sleeve lined with cork. After examining them, we determined that the metal and cork probably worked to keep the contents cold. This collection was one of my favorite items at $2 each (8 for $16), but alas, we already have a gazillion glasses back home.

This mirror, which would work even better as a tray in a bedroom or bathroom, was an item I kicked myself for not grabbing while I was there. I nixed it at the store thinking it would only have a home in our Master Bedroom, but upon arriving home, I realized I had the perfect spot for it in our Guest Bathroom. Any chance it will still be there the next time I’m in town? Maybe I should just take off work tomorrow and go grab it. If only.

This light fixture was really cool, but with our experiences with electricity lately and the undecipherable light patterns it might create caused us to leave it at the mall.

I actually really, really want an old table fan like this for our Guest Bedroom. We saw several there and even had one in our cart most of the time. Too bad it sparked at me and grossed Rob out a bit with its rustiness.

These wood buoys were super cool, but, sadly, were categorized with the carved wood art piece and were left behind.

Rob is modeling for us a handy-dandy handmade level. One of the windows even had a perfect spider-shaped crack in it. This is another item I should have taken home. At least I will always have this photo.

This cute little mirror barely missed the cut. I just didn’t have much practical use for it, especially since (spoiler)  I already had a mirror in my cart.

This picture is full of items that almost went home with me and one item that actually did – the deceptively large, white metal basket. It is currently holding our shoes in the laundry room. I’m not 100% happy with its location, but it may just be the peach wall paint and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad lighting.

So what actually went home with me? Read on.

This Frankoma vase matches my Kitchen accent color perfectly and was only $2. This was an instant cart item, no question.

I think this is some kind of spool or spool accessory. It had friends that I had to leave behind for budgeting reasons. I love its shape, texture and worn finish. It looks great paired with one of the ceramic vases I purchased last week and an air plant my mom gifted me.

I bought these alphabet blocks for a good friend who has recently revealed that she is with child and wanting a vintage themed nursery. I’m hoping to find more variously sized blocks before she pops.

I saw this metal grenade, picked it up, felt its heft, saw the price tag and immediately put it in my cart. Too cool to leave behind.

This teak bowl came in a set of 4 for $6. They also went straight into my cart. One is currently in the Guest Bedroom and another in the Guest Bathroom awaiting jewelry and odds-and-ends from visitors.

This mirror also went straight into my cart, mostly because I spotted a lady eyeing it as I grabbed it for a closer look. I don’t regret it. The wood is perfectly patina’d and its pattern would fit in with any of the decor items I already own, vintage, IKEA or otherwise.

A grand time was had by all, especially Taylor between 1pm and 4pm Saturday afternoon.


2 Comments to “Antiquing, etc.”

  1. Which antique mall did you go too?

    • I guess since I wrote a whole post about it, I should reveal where it was, huh? We went to the River City Trading Post in Jenks, OK.

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