Paint it Yellow.

Way back when, I promised I would stain our Craigslist chairs over Labor Day weekend. Let’s just say I started to stain them Labor Day weekend, but it turned out like this:

Which is not so good.

So then I thought, maybe I’ll just paint the chairs the color of the stain. So I pulled out my Sherwin Williams fan deck, matched the stain to a paint color (which is nearly impossible, by the way) and headed off to the paint store. As soon as I returned, I realized I didn’t want to paint the chairs a dark bronze color.

I wanted to paint the chairs yellow!

(image courtesy of

So I hemmed and hawed over a pile of yellow paint chips. It seems the perfect yellow is even harder to find than the perfect white. But finding the best yellow was a piece of cake compared to the prepping and priming of the chairs.

I started by sanding the glossy topcoat from my chairs, then I cleaned the dust up by a combination of a microfiber cloth and canned air. Finally, I taped off the fabric using painter tape. Which left me with this:

This doesn’t look like much, but it took me 2 months to accomplish. One coat of oil-based primer later,  and I had this pretty duo:

The next step was to paint the topcoat. Easy, right? Unless you’re me, anyway. I brushed on one coat of my first color choice, Quilt Gold, and could immediately tell that it was the wrong color choice. The next day I picked up another can of yellow paint, this time Bee, and it was perfect. Here, I’ll show you.

Now I just need the cats back on them so I can submit my own Pets on Furniture image.


4 Responses to “Paint it Yellow.”

  1. They look great! The new paint color really brightens up the fabric. At least your change in paint color only cost you a quart of paint, rather than several five gallon buckets like mine did!

  2. Hey! We love these and cannot wait to come down and try them out. Lots of love, Jess & Brandon


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