Are  you ready for another mood board? Sure you are!

This time I’m tackling the Guest Bedroom, which has had a significant amount of use despite the fact that it lacks a bed.

1.  Our dark wood floors have been installed and they are beautiful!

2.  To soften and add warmth to those wood floors, I’d like to throw a couple of sheep skins around the room.

3.  Not an original idea in the least, but I’m very excited to add a chalkboard accent wall behind the bed. This wall used to be an accent in a different way, with wallpaper that matched the ceiling border around the rest of the room. Having torn down that full-height wallpaper, we were left with three textured walls and  one completely flat wall. Rather than go through the pain and agony of putting our own texture on that wall, we decided to take advantage of its flatness by painting it with chalkboard paint. We’re hoping our guests will leave us notes on our “guestbook wall”.

4.  I am totally digging this bed from IKEA. Surprisingly, there are very few beds at IKEA that I actually like, most being super modern, which I did not want for this room. This bed will bring a slight feminine edge to the house, which we are greatly lacking.

5.  You’ve seen this side table before. I guess you could say this is the inspiration piece for the room and why I didn’t want anything super low or super modern for this bedroom.

6.  A bookcase is already in place and being used in the Guest Bedroom. We thought it would be a great place to store a few books and framed photos for our guests to enjoy.

7.  We had this same IKEA light fixture in our bedroom back at the townhouse. We loved it and thought the Guest Bedroom would be the perfect place to install another.

8.  I’m thinking the drapes are a great place to infuse some interest to the room. This is the same color of yellow that’s in the Kitchen and Living Room. It’s terribly trendy, but it makes me happy.

9.  A small, white lamp is in order to place against the dark chalkboard wall.

10.  And if there’s room left after cramming all of this stuff into our teeny, tiny Guest Bedroom, we’ll throw around a plant or two for good measure.

So check back with us! We’re currently priming the walls for paint and planning a quick trip to IKEA for a bed!


4 Comments to “Willkommen!”

  1. Love your mood boards! It’s a great way to keep track of your ideas and the pieces that interest you — and keep you on track while you’re getting it accomplished! That IKEA bed does have slats, doesn’t it? That will be necessary for a mattress without a box spring.

  2. I actually keep all of my ideas in Kaboodle. I could never find enough time to add everything I ever liked into photoshop. And yes, the bed comes with slats.

  3. We’re sprucing up a 1970’s contemporary house too, but are a long ways from where y’all are. Do you use a specific program to do your mood boards, or is it something like Photoshop?

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