Blank Canvas


To start off this post, I must say sorry to Sarah. My sister-in-law helped me brainstorm and redecorate the built-in bookcase next to my fireplace and then I went and dismantled the whole thing.

Everyone knows I’m not good at decorating and I had been struggling with how to make the bookcase look relatively interesting. Ultimately, after decorating and redecorating, I decided to just take everything down.

This canvas used to hang above our sofa in the townhouse. Back then it was a tree silhouette in navy and gray. This time, I’m going for something lighter by keeping the background whight. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be painting. Perhaps a light bulb, which has significant meaning to us. In any case, I hope to use a bit of my left over yellow paint from the chairs, just to tie the color in a bit more around the room.

The new arrangement makes much more sense in the wide shot. The focus is no longer on the cluttered shelves, but first on the chairs, then directly to the firplace. I like this layout so much better. I finally feel like the livingroom can breathe.


One Comment to “Blank Canvas”

  1. That looks great!

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