Antiquing, etc.

Last weekend, my mom and I went back to River City Trading Post in Jenks, OK. On the drive there (about 2 hours), I asked her what she might be looking for when we got there and I could tell she was seriously underestimating what she was about to experience. And yes, it is an experience.

I went in thinking I would just pick up that mirrored tray I had regretted leaving last time and maybe a few small items, but of course I went and spent my entire budget. Here’s what I went away with.

Sea Fan

I’ve been wanting one of these things for a while. I had only seen them online and was thrilled to see it out of the corner of my eye at River City.

This vase was a no question pick-up at $3. The finish on it is a bit shimmery, but nothing at all over the top. Too bad it doesn’t read in the photo.


Vintage Red Wing Fluted Bowl


Vintage Toy Bus

Another nursery decor item for my expecting friend. I’ll probably have to put a clear coat of polyurethane over this and the blocks just in case they ever get chewed on.

Highball glass with cork-lined silver sleeve

Remember these? You should. I passed these up on my previous visit, but this time we piled them into the cart and now they live in my bar.


Silverplate wire basket

Another item I’ve been in search of.

Despite me missing out on the mirrored tray I had gone back in search of, we had a pretty great visit. I thought, while Rob hoped, that my antiquing/thrifting sprees were over, but fortunately, my mom discovered a local antique store this weekend and suggested I check it out with her. She had found several mirrored trays that could be a replacement for the River City tray. The Feathered Nest isn’t quite as exspansive as River City, nor does it have as diverse of a selection, but it does have a few gems here and there.

First, the mirrored tray.

The detailing along the frame has an Art Nouveau quality to it, which I love. And last but not least, my early Christmas gift.

A set of mid-century modern walnut table lamps. Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Mom!


I think I’ve spent all of this decade’s antiquing budget. Somebody slap me if I post anymore of these before May 2011. I know Rob will.


2 Comments to “Antiquing, etc.”

  1. You didn’t mention, regarding that white fluted bowl, that we picked it up saying one of the two of us had to have it! What I loved about River City Trading Post was that you could fall in love with something and then be shocked at how reasonably-priced it was!

  2. so jealous! what amazing deals and finds! We don’t have anything like that in LA, it’s always overpriced and picked through. I could have spent hours in that Trading Post!

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