Giddyup Jingle Horse

It’s that time of year again. The time of year I pull out all of our Christmas decorations and am never completely happy with them. Oh well. This year’s decorations are better than last, and there’s always next year. I’ve cased some stores and I’m prepared for any after-Christmas sales that may happen.

We moved the Christmas tree from the far corner of the living room to the front corner. It’s much more prominent now and even offsets my wall art nicely. My “butterflies” (as most everyone calls them) now look like snow blowing passed the tree.

My new yellow chairs threw off the standard color scheme of red, bronze and silver/white, so I threw out the red and I’m hoping to buy more variously sized bronze, champagne and silver ornaments.

I decided last year that I would make my own stockings as I have yet to find reasonably priced ones that I actually like. The new stockings are made of faux sheepskin. They’re reversible, although I prefer the white side since it stands out more against the fireplace. I have to give a big thanks to my mom and grandma for helping me put these together. It would not have happened with out them!

So I gotta say again, I’m not too happy with this year’s decorations, but hey, at least it’s an improvement, right?


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