Christmas Yet to Come

THIS is what I want my Christmas decor to evolve to.

Chris over at Pickup Some Creativity has a beautiful idea of a scripture tree. She has a small tree located in her entry way dedicated to the many names of Jesus. I’d love to do something similar in my own entry way.

Jenny at My Favorite and My Best brought my attention to the fantastically simple idea of mini Christmas lights in clear vases. Fortunately,  I happened to have a string of lights on my tree go half out and a homeless vase that I had nabbed from last year’s work Christmas party, so I was able to implement this new decor idea early. And it’s gorgeous. I have also recently been a convert to twinkling mini lights thanks to Rob. They give off a flickering candle vibe. I will buy nothing else now.

And finally, this massive mantelpiece from Desire to Inspire. Obviously, this will take years to achieve, but wow.


3 Comments to “Christmas Yet to Come”

  1. What a joy to be with you for the Christmas program! Your niece and nephew looked wonderful in their costumes!! Thanks for blogging; we love your decorating ideas and we’re watching your home morph from “a lot of potential” to “great design spoken here.” 🙂

    Much love —- Dave & Lisa

  2. I was afraid I’d scarred Taylor for life with my euphorbia christmas trees and other freakish Christmas decorations. I’m relieved to see you guys still want to decorate the right way. I’ve always been too lazy.

    • Aw! I miss your Euphorbia with chili lights! I have my own Euphorbia, now. Maybe one day it will be as tall as yours was and I can decorate it accordingly.

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