Our Little Secret

Want to know about our little secret? It’s a rather silly secret. Silly in why it was a secret, any how. You see, there’s this magical place called IKEA. I’ve been a fan since I was old enough to buy furniture, as is evidenced by the furniture in our house. If it is not vintage, it is IKEA. Lots of people I know like IKEA, too. And if they know I will be going to IKEA, they either ask to go along or beg that I purchase something for them while I’m there. Really, this is only one person I know – my dear mom. Lately it’s been some knives she’s been asking for. But I wanted to gift them to her for Christmas, so she couldn’t know that I was going to IKEA until she had the knives unwrapped and in front of her, or else I would never hear the end of it.

To make a long story short, Rob and I gifted each other an improved living room for Christmas, a good portion of which came from IKEA. We feel all grown up now. With a coffee table and everything.

I don’t have great pictures yet, but following are some of the items we purchased to make our living room that much more liveable.

image courtesy of CB2.com

The CB2 Fresca console table. To be placed behind our sofa with our walnut lamps at either end. We like it because it is sleek and simple and the perfect height to pony up a couple of barstools next to for any more Super Bowl parties we are forced to host. Kidding on the square.

image courtesy of IKEA.com

One of the many Besta units from IKEA. I’ve had my eye on this for over a year, which is quite a while considering we’ve only been in this house for just about 16 months. We were thinking either 3 or 4 of these units placed side-by-side. I originally wanted the shelves exposed as shown above, but Rob talked me into adding doors and I’m glad he did.

image courtesy of IKEA.com

The Strind coffee table from IKEA. This is the only coffee table that has come close to the style and price I was looking for. We almost didn’t grab this table because I wasn’t completely convinced it was what I wanted. I’m glad I did, though. It makes a huge difference in the way we use our living room.

Check back for pictures of the living room. I’ll be taking them as soon as I get some good daylight going on.


3 Comments to “Our Little Secret”

  1. So I guess you hadn’t noticed that I’d kept my mouth shut about IKEA from November on, waiting to see what Santa would bring for Christmas! But I had planned to start bugging you right after that!

    The picture of the console table with stools beneath makes me think about doing something similar in my entryway. I need storage space, though, so I may hold out for something a little more utilitarian — with style, of course.

  2. Great-looking stuff! As you know, we also practice the IKEA religion.

    ….Just scored a Malm bed, queen size, via Craigslist. It was very near our neighborhood and the seller even delivered. YES.

    • Wonderful! What finish is yours? I’ve had mine since 2004. It has been through 4 moves and has certainly been taken apart more often than that. Seems to be a good, solid piece.

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