Here Comes the Sun

The sun made an appearance and, as promised, I was able to take a slew of pictures showing the progress of our living room.

First, here’s an image of the living room from just a few weeks ago.

And here’s our progress.

The Fresca console table from CB2. I’d like to add a couple of stools underneath for even more seating.

The credenza consists of four 48″ wide and 25″ tall IKEA Besta units. Yes, the entire thing is 16′-0″ wide.

living room of Derek and Michelle Sanders

I’ve been most inspired by the living room of Derek and Michelle Sanders. They also sport a long, low TV unit. I originally wanted to copy their open shelves, but Rob convinced me otherwise. I also really dig their combination of sleek, modern items and primitive objects.

With the doors, were able to hide tons of electronics and cables that can lead to visual clutter. We also gained about a million square feet of storage, for what, I have yet to decide.

One necessary item that got hidden away with the electronics was a clock that could give us the time at a glance. We grabbed this unassuming digital clock while at IKEA. It seems to just disappear into the console table.

We’ve never owned a coffee table and obviously didn’t know what we were missing. A place to casually set a drink or remote that isn’t the arm of the sofa is an attainable luxury.

We feel very much more like grown ups than college students with our Christmas gift to ourselves. What great stuff did you get for the Holidays?


15 Responses to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Looking really good! I am very impressed with the way you made all the cords seem to disappear. I hate the look of cords!

  2. Your photography is so amazing! I wish I could get my photos to turn out so good. What kind of camera did you say you were using again?
    I love the Derek and Michelle photo, too, the design style reminds me a little of Nate Berkus, which I adore him and his design!

    • Thanks, Jolie! Previously, I had been using a Canon 5D Mark II, but we recently downgraded to a Canon Rebel T2i. I actually prefer the Rebel as the 5D Mark II seemed to create very warm temperature images that were difficult to edit. I still have to tweak my images a bit, but they come out much more true to color from the Rebel.

  3. Looks great. Is the turntable a design element or will it be functional?

  4. Oh my gosh! It looks so amazing. You guys did a fantastic job and we cannot wait to drop by and see it in person.

  5. Looks awesome! Just been catching up on all your progress! Well done!

  6. Hi,
    Just found your page by chance and am SO inspired by your living room makeover! I love your sense of style! I’m looking for a modern yet functional use for an entertainment credenza and loved what you guys did. Did you guys add doors to the units yourselves? Or were they additional parts that you purchased from IKEA? I really love the look and am really interested in smaller but similar version!

    • Thank you, Sarah! We did buy the doors from IKEA as well. The units are from the Besta line and the doors are Besta Tofta doors. My entire unit is made up of four 4′-0″ long units, so you could easily create your own combination.

  7. Hi, I came across your site awhile back and am FINALLY ready to purchase furnishings for my place. I am VERY inspired by your designs (as I have looked everywhere online for inspiration and this is the only site that has seem to fit my style! This has also inspired to start my own little blog and journey along the way – site coming and I will definitely reference you guys!)

    I cannot figure out which Besta Unit you guys bought – what is the depth of it?

    Is it this one? 15 3/4″ (
    Or this one? 7 7/8″ (
    Or is it neither?

    What made you want to buy the ones without doors/add them on yourself vs the ones that came with doors?

    • Zinspired, thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I can’t wait to visit your blog. We chose the 15 3/4″ depth units, that way, we could easily keep our media components inside the unit and out of sight. The 7 7/8″ depth unit is really only deep enough to hold DVDs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the way you buy the Besta line is through parts and pieces, including doors, which can be both design inspiring and design intimidating! So good to hear you are interested in the Besta line. It is truly underrated.

  8. Thanks for getting back to me. I was online looking at them last night and found some with doors (! Thank you for the information and I will definitely let you know when I launch my blog! 🙂

  9. Hi! How did you do your amazing wall art over the tv? I really want to try do something like it at our place.
    /Greetings from Sweden – the home of Ikea 🙂


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