Final Countdown

This post is dedicated to Rob, who has been an especially good husband during the year of 2010.

What day would be more perfect for a final countdown than December 31st? None, I say. So here’s a countdown (really just a list) of the projects we started and finished during 2010.

10 In March, we painted the hallway and installed track lighting.

9 We knocked down the partial wall in April.

8 Also in April, tile was installed!

7 In May, we finished our master bath redo.

6 We finished painting the living room and had major art inspiration in June.

5 We replaced the carpet with wood in July.

4 In October, I painted the Craigslist chairs yellow!

3 In November, we created a guest bedroom.

2 We gussied up our living room in December.


And to cap off one incredibly busy year…

1 We finally furnished and accessorized our entry in December.


image courtsey of

Hooray! Hoorah!

Interested in what we’ll likely be doing in 2011? See above image.


2 Comments to “Final Countdown”

  1. We love the 2011 forecast picture. Just remember: West, not East. Make sure you get the right castle (i.e. Anaheim). By the way we toured the castle that the Disney castle is based on, called “Neuschwanstein” (need spell check, but that’s close) in Bavaria.

    Come visit us in 2011 ! ! !

  2. Wow! Your home is beautiful. I just stumbled onto your blog and I’m hooked. Looks like an amazing year.

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