Clarity and Before

Having moved the large circular mirror from above the fireplace to our entry, I thought you might like to see the “new” living room without the ubiquitous fireplace emphasis. You see, when most houses have a fireplace wall, most people choose to make that wall the focal point, as they should. Unfortunately for us, we are not a family centered around the warm glow of a lit firplace, but instead the warm glow of a TV. There’s no way around it. Rob is a video guy, a movie guy and an all around tech guy. All that to say, we are excited to present our living room with its appropriate focal point – not the fireplace!

Is it odd that I actually like my fireplace more now that I’m not trying to hide it? It seems to be hiding itself, instead. Also, notice the pair of room darkening wood blinds in the back of the room? Yeah, those are gone. So even though this picture was taken just this morning, consider it a before.


One Comment to “Clarity and Before”

  1. With the dark wood blinds gone and all of the snow on the ground, you probably need sunglasses in your living room! I love how sleek and well-accessorized your living room has become.

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